I am my father’s son
I am my Mother’s pride and joy
I am the feelings I have felt
I am the hand that I was dealt
I am the blood and sweat and tears
And years of scars from cuts and welts
I am the stardust coalescing, manifesting into form
I am the thoughts I have, that recognizing pain as norm

I await for shoes to drop
Fear the train that doesn’t stop
When I feel free, I search for chain
Does man’s flesh deserve his brain?
Why does times tick, preserve the stain?
The old dog’s tricks we serve in vain
Well, I am my father’s son…

The slamming doors and crashing dishes
Our hands pressed so tightly on our ears
It felt as if they touched
To speak our prayers and wishes
The screaming and the yelling
There was never any telling
How it all would end
So now we play pretend
All we knew was to defend

So many miles placed between us
Our journey home from coast to coast
Life gets hard escaping demons
That run like wind and play it close
No matter who, no matter what
We always found a villain we could loathe
Placing Devils in our hells
Even if it was ourselves

I tried to be the man
That dwelled inside the cave
Illuminating darkness
For our lives were made depraved
I tried to bring out smiles
The ones that showed the teeth
And though my task seemed hopeless
I didn’t know defeat

For I am my Father’s son
I am my Mother’s Pride and Joy
A new chapter has begun
Still inside, hides the boy

I am now a man, my father’s age I most remember
In the pictures in my mind and photographs that seek the embers
What have I become?
What Legend do I seek?
Recognition and acceptance
Rest atop my mountain’s peak
What sort of stardust, charged by karma,
Does my Dharma represent?
I pray one day my life is play
My mission heaven sent

Though, for now, I question why
I create this so called art
To make my father proud?
To heal my Mother’s heart?
Because I am my Father’s son
My Mother’s pride and joy


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