The Unmapped Space

Many people talk about how much there is to explore in outer space. More people say that there is even greater mysteries to discover in the oceans. I find it fascinating that both of these mysterious realms are reminiscent of something even less discovered. The human brain. We spend so much time looking out at the stars and diving into the oceans looking for new things to be excited about. These novel things to be distracted by. Yet we barely know anything about ourselves. We get so exuberant about the limitless future yet we still have men on this planet that are willing to risk millions of lives to gain a 12% margin on their company’s profit. We still have men on this planet that think its OK to spill blood in the name of individual ideologies and gain. We have billions of people who aren’t even able to fulfill basic needs, while a small minority lives in pure ecstasy. We have traveled so far out and wide externally, that we have forsaken our own nature. We have forgotten the importance of knowing thyself, which is what connects us all to each other. So lets take a break from the depths of the seas and outer space, so we can tour inner space, and heal the wounds that are zealous lust for life inflicted.

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