Ramblings of a Journeyman XVIIII

I think we all believe ourselves to be separate. I think we feel that even though there are many people walking around on this planet, with their individual lives and passions and lovers, we still feel like we are the only ones. We may think of ourselves as the only seat folded down in the movie theatre playing “Life”. We may feel in our hearts that we are connected to everything in everyway, but this is a modern age and we are far too sensible for that! We know that we can’t logically justify the truth of external existence. And we may pray to our God’s and have relationships with other people and play along like life is more than just you, and your mind… But you can’t… None of us can… This is our dilemma. This is what tears the world apart. “My life” “My money” “My happiness”. Wouldn’t it feel better to say ours? Wouldn’t it feel great to know that everyone around you is there for you, and you are there for them? That the people’s happiness is your happiness. That the people’s money is your money. That a community sticks together. If your car broke down you knew that everyone in your city would give dollar, so you could buy a brand new one.  And you couldn’t wait to return a favor. Power like that!

Power like that would save the world.

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